face - to - face solutions

  • we are FCA authorised

  • kmac is here to help you

  • we don't judge you

  • we listen - we share - we work for you

  • we give you our best - we ask for cooperation

  • we don't charge

  • we help you take back control

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kmac is

  • We are a community support service from King's Church

  • We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

  • We are affiliated to Community Money Advice (CMA)

  • We've been helping people since 2009

  • We are here to help you

  • We do not judge you - nor are we critical

  • We work hard for you

  • We take the pressure off you

  • We help you make some tough decisions

  • We stand in between you and your creditors

  • We need you to work with us

  • We aim to help you get your life back

what we offer

  • Listening

  • Income and Expenditure Fact Sheets

  • Common Financial Statements

  • Contact with creditors and lenders etc

  • ​Negotiation of terms of repayment

  • Working alongside other support

  • ​Sustainable budget plans

  • Ongoing client support​

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